La felicidad

se come.



is edible.


El Nirvana

no está tan lejos.


Bringing Nirvana a step closer.


Stay tuned

and visit us!


La felicidad se come.



is edible.


El Nirvana no está tan lejos.


Bringing Nirvana a step closer.



Stay tuned

and visit us!


BO BOM Gelato Catering. Gelato artesanal hecho fresco cada día en pequeñas cantidades utilizando ingredientes frescos y 100% naturales sea de productores locales que importados directamente de Italia. BO BOM estará presente en los momentos más señalados y felices de tu vida: cumpleaños, aniversarios, fiestas y por supuesto para dar el “Sí, Quiero” en el día de tu Boda. El innovador, atractivo y elegante carrito BO BOM estará a tu disposición ofreciéndote un servicio completo para ayudarte a dar un toque especial a cualquier evento importante para tí y tus seres queridos.

BO BOM hará realidad tus deseos, añadiendo su mágico Gelato Effect!

Tu Boda con BO BOM: feliz, elegante, inolvidable

BO BOM Gelato Catering. Gelato made fresh every morning in small batches from 100% natural and fresh ingredients sourced mostly locally and from selected growers in Italy. Gelato brought to your wedding, parties, anniversaries and celebrations by our fabulous Team in our elegant and stylish BoBom Mobile. Sharing the magic moments of your life.

BO BOM Weddings. Tapping in our deep knowledge of the island best suppliers of services, we offer free service to our international clients so to help them to have an unforgettable experience on their wedding day by connecting them – where and if needed – with other services they may be looking for and need to make their day even more special.

Your wedding with BO BOM: joyful, elegant, stress-free.

Bo Bom Gelato Catering

Täglich frisch hergestelltes Eis , welches zu 100 % aus frischen und natürlichen Produkten besteht, kommen vom mallorquinischen Markt und von ausgesuchten italienischen Herstellen.

Unser elegantes und stylisches BO Bom Mobile bringt „ unsere Gelato“ zu Ihnen. Geben Sie Ihrem Event eine besondere Note und geniessen Sie mit Ihren Gästen den magischen Moment unserer Eiskreationen.

Bo Bom Gelato Weddings | Hochzeiten

Unser schickes fröhliches BO Bom Mobile darf bei Ihrer Hochzeit nicht fehlen !
Unseren internationalen Kunden garantieren wir mit unserem Know-how den besten Service auf der Insel . Selbstverständlich sind wir Ihnen auch bei anderen organisatorischen Fragen behilflich.

Mit uns – BO BOM soll Ihre Hochzeit fuer Sie ein unvergessliches Erlebnis werden.

Bo Bom Gelato Testimonials on Tripadvisor

      Awesome, Fresh, natural ice cream. Try the pistacchio is worth the extra euro! And super friendly staff.

    thumb 625dannyd

      The owner, a true salesman (welcoming passing pedestrians from the streets), seems to be an artisan. The offer a unique selection of ice cream, Sorbets on a stick and some fine Coffee specials. The ice cream is very tasteful and presented in a modern and...More

    thumb chr155le

      Beautiful gelato all homemade and amazing waffles. With lovely staff! The cheesecakes are to die for!!

    thumb Seren C

      This place is a proper gelato ice cream parlour. It sells homemade ice cream that tastes amazing, so if you want the best quality and flavour then visit this place rather than the ice cream parlours selling brightly coloured inferior tasting mass produced ice cream....More

    thumb Knorm2000

      We were so lucky to meet Marilena and to have Bo Bom gelato at our wedding in Mallorca. The gelato was amazing and all of our guests loved it. The whole service was really professional and Marilena and her team were super sweet and a...More

    thumb rickprawn

      A corner with two scoops the most delicious home made sorbets - ginger and raspberry Absolutely lovely It’s a must come to” in Palma!

    thumb SusiP916

Artigianale di Gelateria
& Pasticceria di Gelato

Costa de la Pols 16 A.
07003 Palma de Mallorca
T. 690 801 333
T. 871 906 693

Mercado de Santa Catalina, Puesto 78
07014 Palma de Mallorca
T. 690 801 333
T. 871 906 693