Laboratorio Artigianale di Gelateria & Pasticceria di Gelato

In 2018 Bo Bom opened its first Gelateria in the cosmopolitan and beautiful city of Palma and quickly established itself as the premier gelato on the island of Mallorca. It was on this magical island that a fantastic adventure began.

In 2021, BoBom “came back home” by establishing their head quarters in the beautiful foodie paradise of the South West of England.

Tradition, Innovation, Purity are at the heart of everything we do.

Bo Bom Gelato has found the perfect balance of tradition and innovation as our recipes have been created with the highest respect for the best traditional Italian artisan gelato using the finest and freshest of ingredients and the most advanced technology and the newest techniques.

Once made, our gelato is stored in pozzetti, sealed and insulated cylinders and this is how we present it to our clients. Pozzetti are the ultimate sign of a 100% natural and traditional gelato. These cylinders protect the gelato from air, oxygen and light to maintain its freshness, temperature, velvety creamy texture and its intense and vibrant natural flavours.

True artisan gelato – as Bo Bom is – is like a precious gem that has to be kept in a treasure chest to preserve its purity.

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