Happiness is Edible

We are a small independent family run business and our gelato is lovingly made in small batches every day.

We are aiming at offering our clients that special moment of happiness – time stolen from their otherwise busy lives – of pure joy and escapism, evocative of a carefree and happy childhood

Bo Bom Gelato offers a true foodie experience. Our Gelato has a creamy, velvety texture that enhances the pure aroma of the fresh ingredients, and creates an explosion of flavours as our clientele enjoys it.

Only the finest and freshest of ingredients are used, sourced both from local suppliers and directly imported from selected growers in Italy: award winning hazelnuts from Langhe in Piemonte and pistachios from Bronte in Sicily, almonds from Mallorca, our homage to the island. At Bo Bom we peel seasonal fruit, grind almonds and squeeze lemons. Heavenly gelato is made right in front of everybody. Every day.

Bo Bom embraces a high quality message. Each flavour is a signature flavour and has its own personality, each one is conceived and made with love.

Bo Bom Gelato is gluten free and they offer a great variety of lactose free and vegan flavours, some of them even sucrose free

T. +44 7880 616937
T. +44 7876 018367